CA Mood

I went to LA in September to visit my brother and have one last hooray before he moved from his home of 40 years in Venice California. Indeed, that is exactly what happened. Photographically, I set out to find evening and night images the could define Los Angeles and California in a unique yet modern and iconic way. The final visions reflect the melodic sounds where modern meets nostalgia.

Peaceful, Calming, and Meditative sounds that can create a positive mood - Awesome! That is what I heard yesterday on You Tube. The sounds of a jazz piano lighting tapping the melody as the muted trumpet blends the hypnotic sounds that help create the mood and atmosphere of several movies set in the 1950’s. The night scenes are often associate with this particular sound; think “Chinatown,” “L.A. Confidential,” or the T.V. series “Moonlighting.”

If you are a Miles Davis fan and like the movie “Lenny” then his version of “It Never Entered my Mind” would be your tune of choice for this muted brassy sound. Chris Issac also uses this sound quite skillfully as well as many musicians.

The song is by Peter Pearson titled “A Dream In Your Eyes” for the Blissful Journey album of 2016.

CA Mood